Francisco Luengo

        Francisco Luengo was born in A Coruña. In 1979 he began the study, with original instruments and techniques, of the varios styles of music previous to nineteenth Century. He started learning viola da gamba in 1981 with  professor José Vázquez, entering in 1988 at the Höchschule für Musik in Wien.

        He heads from the beginning Capela Compostelana. This group, created with Miro Moreira and Fernando López-Pan, is devoted to Renaissance and Baroque music, paying  particular attention to the recovery of Spanish music of these periods. Capela Compostelana has published two compact discs, with the work of José de Vaquedano (1642-1711), a leading Spanish composer of the seventeen Century, “Master of the Chapel” at the Catedral of Santiago

        In the year 2000 he creates and conducts Malandança, in order to perform medieval music with original instruments, the fruit of his work as a researcher and maker in the field of European organology, He has evolved an intensive work in publications ("The Portico of Glory, Music, Art and Thought, edited by Cuadernos de Música en Compostela," The Instruments of the Portico de la Gloria ", edited by Barrie de la Maza Foundation, Instruments à cordes du Moyen Age, CERIMM, Fondation Royaumont, edited by Créaphis, Corda Medievais Instruments, published by the Provincial Deputation of Lugo), conferences and exhibitions. Malandança has published the CD “Unha noite na corte do Rei Afonso”.

        In 2004 he transcribes, coordinates and conducts the medieval liturgycal drama “Ordo  Prophetarum”, thereafter released on DVD for the “Consello da Cultura Galega”.

The “Ordo Prophetarum” is represented every year since at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela During Christmas.

        In 2009, Francisco Luengo and Xurxo Varela published the CD "My Singular Entertaynment, and Delight" (Ed. Actus), which contains English seventeenth century music for two viols, with works by Ch. Simpson, J. Jenkins and others.

        He was one of six builders chosen to participate in the project of reconstruction of the instruments of the Portico de la Gloria, sponsored by Fundación Barrie de la Maza, and developed between 89-92. He was part of the team of specialists in the Xelmírez Palace musical instruments reconstruction project, undertaken by the Excma. Deputacion Provincial de Lugo during the period 93-94, and focused in instruments represented in the corbels of this medieval palace.

        Since 2000 he was professor of viola da gamba in the course "Camino de Santiago, Chants, Cantigas e Cantos", of the University of Santiago de Compostela, dedicated to the performance of baroque music.

        He is an  accustomed collaborator in several groups of early music, making concerts in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, recordings, as well as radio and television programs in different countries.

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