The “Capilla Musical de la Catedral de Santiago” participates in the litgy celebrated in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, as well as in the recovery of the important musical heritage of the cathedral.

            The Chapel is directed since 1988 by Miro Moreira. This ensamble played many works of the Masters of Chapel from the basilica’s archives in concerts and international tours: “Stabat Mater” (B. Chiodi), “Esos Mozos del Campo”, “Misa Unum Deus”, “Misa de Difuntos”, “Oficio and Villancicos de Navidad” ( M. López), “Misa y Villancicos al Apóstol” ( J. de Vaquedano), “Motetes de Adviento y Cuaresma” (D. de las Muelas), “Vísperas al Apóstol” ( J. de Nebra 1702-1768) , “Himnos del Códice Calixtino” (S. Tafall).

            The Chapel pays special attention to the recovery of traditional ceremonies, as the MAss for the Feast of St. James (Codex Calixtinus) or the “Apostle Solemn Vespers”, and the sacred music composed since Secon Vatican Council.

       We must highlight the involvement of the Chapel in medieval liturgical dramas as “Ordo Prophetarum”.

Ave Regina

José de Vaquedano (1642-1711)

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Eclesiástico Canto

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